Barbara & David Banks

Spreading the Word with Music

Education is what I do and music is who I am. With the help of my wife Barbara, our ministries have evolved into a multi-faceted entity named "Church Music Ministries" check us out below.


We Seek To:

  • Develop appreciation for the fine arts 
  • Provide opportunities for artist to develop in their crafts
  • Address the shortage of musical artist especially pianist and organist


Church Music Ministries

Youth Talent Expositions


This young lady, as a result of performing in one of our youth expos, went on to win a national praise dance competition in Nashville, Tennessee. She was the youngest person to ever compete and win as a solo artist. From there, she earned an acting, singing and dance role in a live play out of Chicago, Illinois.

Flute-O-Phone Orchestra


We went right into one of the schools with a flute-a-phone orchestra. No one was excluded from the band because they could not afford the instrument. Youth learned the fundamentals to sight reading and how to work and cooperate with others. The middle school and high school band directors loved it because the kids already knew the basic to music the they joined the school bands. 

Bucket Drum Rhythm Section


Again no one is excluded because they cannot afford the instruments. Kids learn rhythm basics. Kids also learn to find themselves musically. Picture here is one of the students helping teach the other ones.

More than song and dance. . .


The self-initiated Tuskegee Acrobats (high school young men) perform without mats. Here one of the young men is doing a twisting somersault off a 4-foot stage. I have personally seen them tumble on asphalt surfaces, again without a mat.

Artist in schools


We sponsor talented artist to do demonstrations in area schools. Pictured here, Taylor Pierce (RIP) playing for the kids. This was a motivating and inspirational experience.

Kids will steal the show


Sometimes, logistics permitting, our youth contingent travels and performs with the Gospel Jazz Experience. Pictured here are some of the youth that traveled with us to  "Lamb of God Baptist Church"  Atlanta, Ga. . . and guess what? They stole the show.

Help Our Cause

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions. Your generous donation will fund our mission.

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Prayer and Meditation

Healing music for the soul

This whole music venture came about as a request for our music to be played for persons in the hospital or persons in long term internment for medical reasons. It was told to me that when the music was playing vital signs such as blood pressure, heart rate, pain indicators went down. Later, I will make the music available for public listening


Healing Music for the Soul

Music to meditate by .  to pray by . to contemplate by

God Shall Wipe All Tears Away (mp3)


It Was The Blood (mp3)


Pass Me Not O Gentle Savior (mp3)


Sweet Hour of Prayer (mp3)


Sweet Hour of Prayer (mp3)


In The Garden (mp3)